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Privacy Policy of Serenity Wellness


In compliance with New York state law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only. The information, planetary guidance and data contained, posted and available throughout Infinity Healing and Instruction page are for entertainment purposes only. Additionally, any insights, analyses, predictions or guidance are not a substitute for advice, programs, or treatment that you would normally receive from a therapist, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, financial advisor or other counseling professional. Accordingly, Robin Jackson, individually and Serenity Wellness do not offer, provide or imply any guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind and are not responsible for any interpretation, use or actions by the recipient and/or user of consultations are not therapy sessions, and she does not claim to be a therapist.


The opinions and comments expressed on the Testimonial pages were given voluntarily and reflect their personal experiences. No representations, promises or guarantees are made or should be construed to be made by Robin Jackson that you will have an identical or similar experience or that a consultation will change your perspective or improve your life for the better. You and you alone are solely responsible for your thoughts and actions. Robin Jackson, individually and Infinity Healing and Instruction assume no responsibility and are not liable in any way whatsoever for any thought or action you take or fail to take as a result of a consultation with Robin Jackson or based on information published on Serenity Wellness. By visiting and using the services of Robin Jackson and/or Serenity Wellness, you acknowledge and agree that you understand these disclaimers and agree to all of its terms. Serenity Wellness is committed to protecting your privacy.


Serenity Wellness will not knowingly release, sell, rent or trade your personal information to any third party without your permission. Serenity Wellness considers personal information to include, without limitation, name, e-mail address, home or mailing address, phone number, birth date, anniversary date, or other similar information you may provide to us. Please note that if you provide any Personal Information to any third party web site linked to or from this site, the privacy of that Personal Information will not be covered by this policy, and may be subject to the privacy policy of the operator of that third party web site, if any. ​ What Information We Collect and How We Use It: Serenity Wellness collects information on a voluntary basis. This information is either collected through emails, registration portals or at mall events or service. There are multiple programs or events you may register and/or provide personal information before you can participate. Serenity Wellness and/or our vendors or tenants will use this information to send you e-mails, newsletters or other communications only if you have allowed us to do such. You will always have the option to change your mind about receiving communications from us, or to change or update any of your personal information, by e-mailing us at


Serenity Wellness maintains internal controls in order to limit any unauthorized access to personal information you provide to us. These can include firewalls and other security features on our website and internal server. ​ Your Responsibility: Although we will protect your privacy on our site as described in this Policy, you should keep in mind that if you voluntarily disclose personal information online, that information may be accessible to others. This is also true if anyone else has access to your personal computer, such as an employer or family member. However, if you link to a third party site from our site, any information you reveal on that site is not subject to this Policy. You should consult the privacy policies of each site you visit. In addition, Serenity Wellness is not responsible for the content of any sites that may be linked to its site. Facebook is a prime example of 3rd party linking and internet sharing.


Children: Protecting children is of the utmost importance to Serenity Wellness. We currently define children as minors under the age of 13 years old. We do not knowingly collect ANY personal information from children. If for any reason someone under the age of 13 attempts to register with us, we ask that he or she have a parent or guardian present to consent to the registration. Such consent is given by, and deemed by us to be given by, the parent registering with our site concurrently with or immediately subsequent to the child’s registration. In addition, if a parent chooses not to allow us to further collect or use the child’s personal information, that parent can contact us to request the removal of the child’s information from our database at any time by e-mailing us at ​ Photo Policy: Photos may be taken by Marketing staff. We put all photos online in the form of innocence. Any misuse of these photos will seen to be in conflict with local, state or federal laws. If anyone is caught using photos for resale or posted on any third party site, we reserve the right to redact all photos. We Reserve the right to keep, maintain, and use any photos we deem for website, flyer or marketing purposes. If you attend a public event, you give us authority to use your photo at our event and after for social media uses. ​


Non-Discrimination Policy: It is the policy at Serenity Wellness that we do not discriminate in our leadership, staffing, or service on the basis of age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, political affiliation, or religious belief.


Use of Cookies: Serenity Wellness and/or it's tenants, may use cookies to enhance your experience while using their web sites. Cookies make using our site easier by storing and tracking your preferences and passwords. Cookies are stored on your computer, and are not accessible to Serenity Wellness or any other site you may visit. Your browser is probably set to accept cookies. However, if you would prefer not to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings to refuse them. If you choose to have your browser refuse cookies, it is possible that some areas of our site will not function properly when you view them, and you hay have to enter personal information every time you use that site in order to participate in certain services or promotions. Disclaimers: Although every effort has been made to provide complete and accurate information, Serenity Wellness makes no warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content on this website.


Serenity Wellness assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained in the website or the operation of the website. By using the Serenity Wellness website, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site including any risk of your computer, software or data being damaged by a virus, software, or any other files which might be transmitted or activated via the mall website.


Serenity Wellness expressly disclaims any liability for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation, lost revenues, or lost profits, resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the website.


Sales Policy:  All Sales are final


Cancellation Policy: We will follow the Auburn City School district severe weather cancellation policy.

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